The Upside (and Downside) of Selling Your Home in Winter

cozy snow-covered home

It’s true that most homeowners list their homes in the spring and summer, but many do not have a choice as to when they need to sell their home. Some owners may get relocated for their job (which commonly happens at the beginning of the year), or they may be looking to upgrade to a bigger home as soon as possible due to September’s annual baby boom.

While there may not be as much business this time of year, it doesn’t mean that selling your home in winter isn’t a good option. In fact, there are several benefits to listing your house in the off-season. Potential homebuyers are eager to purchase a house no matter the time of year—that’s why it’s important to know the upside and downside to winter home buying and selling.

The Pros

  • There’s less competition. Because most people sell their homes in the spring and summer, there are fewer potential homes available on the winter market. This means your house is more likely to draw attention and consideration this time of year—when buyers have no choice on timing.
  • Buyers are more serious. The above point feeds into this one: any buyer who stops by for a visit isn’t just window shopping—they’re serious about purchasing your house. This can also lead to quicker transactions because both parties are interested and motivated to get a deal done.

The Cons

  • Lower offers. While less competition can be a good thing, it can also spell trouble when it comes to offers. Because there aren’t as many homebuyers, the likelihood of you getting multiple offers—as well as those that exceed your list price—isn’t as high as in the summer. And depending on how motivated you are to sell, you could end up settling for a lower, negotiated price than what you were hoping for. Once again, timing and the number of choices you have factor in.
  • Curb and home appeal are limited. Without the help of blooming flowers and lush, green shrubbery, your home may have less curb appeal to prospective buyers than it would in the warmer seasons. Similarly, if the inside of your home is leaky or drafty, these flaws could be more apparent when it’s cold and blustery outside. Try dressing up your home with extra fabrics and candles, and light the fireplace to add some warmth and ambiance.

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